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Hervé Dubois, Director & founder of the here

Hervé Dubois, Director & founder of the here

Hervé Dubois is the founding Director of the Institute for International Cooperation. He is also the founder of the solidarity leave in France and former associate member of Handicap International France (Co-Prix Nobel Peace Prize). He was also the co-founder, CEO and President of the NGO Planète Urgence, recognized of public utility (RUP).

He started in the field of international solidarity in 1985.

Hervé Dubois, married, 4 children today is the President of the Institute for International Cooperation. After a master's degree in development and international cooperation (promo Ifaid/Bordeaux 1985) and a university degree (Aix/Marseille) of industrial logistics, he served in France in the field of international transit and the Canada for the optimization of multimodal transport platforms.

1986 – 1993 Médecins du Monde.

Logistics Manager of Médecins du Monde to Mali and then to Paris. During this period, he carried out numerous missions around the world, with among others, the Romania, Kurdistan, Bosnia, Somalia,…

1993-2006 period emergency humanitarian logistics.

In collaboration with Jean-Pierre Delomier and Pierre Jean Vignan, he founded, in 1993, the NGO Atlas logistics, to ensure the logistical management of humanitarian crises in partnership with many international NGOs and United Nations agencies. He was president from 1993 to 2006. Logistics Atlas received the national prize of the logistic performance in 1997, and became the major logistics partner in the UN refugee High Commissioner.

1999-2006 leave.

In addition to his duties as President of Atlas, it creates the "Leave solidarity" concept, to offer 'citizens' French companies to send their employees on international solidarity missions, while on leave.
Before the rapid development of this concept through the law on "35 hours" and the media coverage of this project, the "solidarity leave" becomes a general interest association in 2000. The solidarity leave was awarded 'business and development' of the High Council of International Cooperation given by the Prime Minister in December 2000.

2006-2011 planet emergency.

The association «Solidarity leave» became January 1, 2004, the NGO Planète Urgence. He has been the Director General until April 2011.
In 10 years of action, Planète Urgence, in more than 30 developing countries, sent more than 5,000 volunteers from over 450 companies partners. These are over 700 projects supported and nearly 60,000 people trained.

Other activities

  • University speaker: who participated in the writing of several books dealing with the humanitarian emergency, he regularly attends, as an intervener, various higher specialized training in the field of development cooperation and the social economy.
  • Social action: at the request of the mission "Suburbs" of Médecins du Monde, and thanks to a partnership with UIMM, it creates a cycle of training calling it 9 months in humanitarian logistics for young people in difficulties of insertion.
  • Creation of the ADDH: very interested in the approach of French companies concerning sustainable development and social responsibility thereof, Hervé Dubois participates in 2002, at the request of Guy Hascoët, Secretary of State for solidarity economy, to the creation of the Academy of the sustainable development and human.

Since March 2011... and after more than 25 years of humanitarian experience around the world, he decided to make available to the general public and businesses, its experience and its network by creating the International Cooperation Institute.

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By Hervé Dubois