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Adele signed his first contract in human resources without borders

Adele signed his first contract in human resources without borders
After several years in the international industrial world, the desire to take a new professional course has become increasingly strong. I therefore chose to direct me to the trades of international solidarity. I contacted the here and then followed a week of training 'introduction to humanitarian project management. In February 2012, I am part 1 month in mission in Antsirabe, Madagascar.

J ' have worked with the Director and students of a school which forms in the profession of tourist guide. It was to develop a tourism project in a village of Potter.

After training and a mission with the Adele here signed his first contract in international solidarity. Discover his testimony.It was a very beautiful experience both at the professional and human level and above all, this experience did only reinforce my desire to change.

Back in France, and always followed and advised by Hervé Dubois, I started in looking for work in the field of international development.

The task has not been easy, there were a lot of moments of discouragement but I have always kept the faith and desire to work in international solidarity.

In may 2014, I started to work as a volunteer for an international NGO based in Toulouse, resources Humaines Sans Frontières.

The mission of this NGO is to improve the rights of the working man (Act against forced labour, child labour and the abusive conditions at work).

This summer, they I were offered a position part time as a project manager. I signed my contract a few days ago and begins on October 1.

This is just the beginning of a beautiful adventure. I wanted to share this testimony to thank here for his coaching and support, and to say that it should not throw in the towel. Perseverance always ends up paying!