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Agnes 4 months in Haiti emergency humanitarian internship

Agnes 4 months in Haiti emergency humanitarian internship

Give more meaning to my job by a humanitarian commitment

After a few years of expatriation in the public works sector, I worked for 11 years in a large french group of the transport sector. I am also engaged for many years in the associative field. The desire to go abroad, to do more and differently, to give more meaning to my work by a humanitarian commitment more sustainable kept me in heart for a long time.

I therefore took advantage of a plan of voluntary departure proposed by my company to get into the conversion programme taught by the I.C.I.

Prior selection maintenance was decisive since it allowed me to have the confirmation of the feasibility of my conversion project, thanks to the expertise of the I. C.I in recruitment needs of the sector.

At balance sheet orientation we made the point on my strengths and my weaknesses, as well as the skills that I had to put on my CV in order to adapt my know-how acquired in the private sector than in the humanitarian. I have found this step very useful because it allowed me to make the point on what I know to do and how I could sell it in the context of a mission, but also a job search in the future.

During the ACP training, I realized the specific needs related to the humanitarian despite my previous project management experience. In addition, vocabulary learning and actors of international solidarity have been very beneficial since they allowed me a better understanding on the spot so that the operational was surprised to learn that it was my first mission on the ground.

Emergency humanitarian internship: reconstruction of neighborhood in Port – au Prince in Haiti

I'm then partial in Haiti with solidarity International for a mission of humanitarian internship in emergency of 4 months a project of reconstruction of district to Port – au-Prince. It was to identify the schema of various institutions and departments concerned by the project, to create a relationship of trust with these institutions and to gradually pass the baton to the operational and decision-making. I am very pleased to have been able to use my skills for this mission that perfectly match my values. It has also allowed me to validate the adaptability of my career to that of the humanitarian and justify a first essential experience to pursue in this medium which is no exception to the rule of the labour market where experience is essential.

My goal is to become head of mission, I intend to leave soon to acquire the experience necessary to progress in my new career. Thanks to the relevance of this internship, I'm quite confident on the realization of this project.