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ALIOU left 3-month humanitarian mission in Mauritania

ALIOU left 3-month humanitarian mission in Mauritania

News of a former I.C.I. humanitarian mission in Mauritania: Aliou


5 1 - Image to illustrate - Aliou MauritaniaI get home from my mission… My mind and my heart are always on this beautiful Earth to the culture really warm and very rewarding. Words fail me to describe what I feel, because it is a unique and indescribable humanitarian adventure. You can not realize it as long as you have not gone!

After studies of Economics, ongoing training in project management and food safety training, the envy also is felt…  So, I went to Mauritania, where I worked with ACF in the Hodh El Chargui region (Bassikounou). This humanitarian mission in Mauritania was very difficult because it intervened in a context of food crisis. The project was to reduce the rate of malnutrition through "cash transfer" and the distribution of complementary foods to children 6 to 23 months, as well as the deepening of the screening and the referencing of detected children yellow or red in the local health structures.

This experience, I search my next mission field…