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Aurélie after an internship in Madagascar wishes to work in international solidarity actions

Aurélie after an internship in Madagascar wishes to work in international solidarity actions

My meeting with the International Cooperation Institute allowed me to make my first not in Africa in selective and firm of international solidarity; my applications have always been denied lack of experience.

With the training "the discovery of humanitarian action" (DAH), I soared 2 weeks in Madagascar to observe a microfinance action, a theme of internship which remains in my professional field, the banking sector and that more attracts me for some time.

Development of Andohatapenaka (CDA) centre and especially the team of the project of support to the small trades (MPAP) me were well received and included this course in international solidarity actions

It is important to be framed for a first experience like that in Africa. I could count on our Director of internship at Madagascar Véronique and the entire team of the program, particularly attentive and considerate.

During these 15 days experience-rich both at the professional level, I could observe the team of Marius, my supervisor:

-animation of the training sessions to educate customers about the importance of repaying their loans on a regular basis

-the energy deployed in the education of clients, for example, aid for the renewal of identification so that these people exist in Madagascar.

This internship to also was rich in emotion with home visits or on workplaces in districts disadvantaged around the Center. The sight of the difficult lives of these people got particularly affected, upset…

Living things to understand really, despite my many readings on accounts of humanitarian, the shock has been there.

Misery saw the joie de vivre of children as I watched play. A contrast that has touched me. All this was only reinforced my desire to invest myself to help these people.

These two weeks are passed quickly and I think regularly in Madagascar. The team of the program does an admirable job and committed.

Later I would discover in this way from other African countries and if you will allow me, hire me permanently in international solidarity actions to improve the daily lives of people.

It is an experience to make at least once in his life.