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Clarisse on a humanitarian mission in the slums of Phnom Penh, 1 month in Cambodia

Clarisse on a humanitarian mission in the slums of Phnom Penh, 1 month in Cambodia
After training at the Institut de coopération Internationale Clarisse is part in humanitarian mission in the slums in Cambodia

After training at the Institute of Cooperation international Clarisse is part in humanitarian mission in the slums in Cambodia

"I had the chance to discover the middle of humanitarian missions by carrying out two missions of fifteen days in animation socio-educational children in Africa. At the end of these missions, I had the feeling of having been an actor within these local NGOs but without understanding their functioning or by time some of their choices.

I chose training IGP with the Institute for the understanding of these missions of development NGOs. During this training, the I. C.I aware us about the difficulties to anticipate and measure the intercultural impact in the management of humanitarian projects.

Humanitarian mission in the slums: combating trafficking in children

I have been 4 weeks in Cambodia within the NGO RiverKids Project for my field placement. This NGO whose main objective is to fight against the trafficking of children, actions to the communities living in the slums of the capital of Phnom Penh.

My humanitarian mission in the slums was to undertake a study of land to these communities and to work in close cooperation with the Cambodian NGO staff.

I shared a moment of life with some of these families living in extreme poverty, in makeshift wooden houses, sometimes installed on stilts over the river.

These houses regularly destroyed by the torrential rains of the monsoon, have for the most part neither running water nor waste (is river discharge in open office). It was hard for me to believe in this reality and do not judge at first glance this situation so far of my Western life.

An anecdote comes to mind: in an interview in the single room "planks" where this young woman of thirty years lives alone with her 3 children out of work, not knowing neither read nor write, I sought to know what were their needs, for her, as a woman. It has very kindly indicated me that Riverkids supported his 3 children and that it was already much too for it. I have not managed to what she confides her own wishes.

Awareness of the intercultural impact in ways of thinking

I have during this humanitarian mission in the slums made awareness of the strong impact of this intercultural in ways of thinking. Involved daily in the staff of the NGO, I could see and understand the operation, funding difficulties, risks and challenges of its social actions. My field study has led to an outside look at this environment and also made it possible to propose improvements in the functioning of the NGO.

This mission in Cambodia immersed in the field, has been for me a great experience of life: awareness of the true human relationship based on Exchange and sharing.

Here warned me: the mission would be a unique adventure. They were right!

"And I have only one desire: leave!"


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