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The humanitarian conversion: full program

The humanitarian conversion


The conversion humanitarian program helps all those who wish to engage in international humanitarian action and start a 2nd career ' to give meaning to his work.

The humanitarian conversion is a program at destination:

  • employees in external mobility (initially voluntary, plan termination, personal project),
  • job seekers
  • seniors who wish to embark on a new career as "solidarity".

The International Cooperation Institute offers companies to support their employees to functions or professions of Humanitarian Action and international cooperation within the framework of a programme divided into 5 steps.

Phase 1 Maintenance Selection beforehand (E.P.S.)

For whom? For any candidate wishing to retrain or develop in the humanitarian

1 h
€120 HT for businesses
(or € 60 for individuals)
Phase 2 Appraisal Experience and guidance (B.E.O.):

  • Investigation phase: aspirations, path analysis, profile, skills, personality,…
  • Investigation phase: business sectors, trades and training related
  • Conclusion phase: assessment and action plan
2: 00 pm
€840 HT
Phase 3 Training project manager' (P.C.)

  • Understanding the context and the players in the sector
  • Identify the project, diagnosis and objectives
  • Manage project resources
  • Operate, monitor and evaluate the project
  • Mount institutional funding files and perform operational reporting
140 h (20j)
€6.550 NET
(International mission included)
Phase 4 International Application (M.I.A.) mission

  • Learn to ride, finance and manage a development project
  • Project oneself into concrete action and gain experience
  • Provide support to the welcoming organization

Place of mission: developing secure zone

5 months (or 700 h)
Home, supervision, logistics and housing to the burden of the I. C.I (excluding airfare and daily meal)
Phase 5 Validation and support of the project (V.A.P.)

  • Capitalization and consolidation of achievements
  • Validation of the project and support to employment or a diploma course
2: 00 pm
€1.120 NET
TOTAL Full course (consultancy, training and humanitarian mission) 169 hours + 700 h international mission
€8.630 EXCL. VAT


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