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Support for the Institute

Support for the Institute

It decomposes so for theoretical training:

  • Complete record of preparation (the training program, documents to read prior to entering training, practical information)
  • Contract or training agreement
  • Face-to-face or distance and materials training

For the costs of mission / internship

  • Identification and preparation of the mission / internship
  • Reception at the airport and disposal from / of the participant, transfer to place of accommodation
  • Accommodation on site, close to the mission / internship (according to places, defined and clarified before departure)
  • Transport between the place of accommodation and the place of the mission / internship
  • Educational supervision during the internship / mission (guardian)
  • Followed during the mission / internship (ongoing assessment and debriefing at the end)

Proof of the achievements of the training and the mission / internship is provided to participants at the end of the practical part.

Are not included in these costs, and thus at the expense of the participant / trainee:

  • Aircraft and other transportation tickets to get on the ground and during the theoretical training
  • Meals during the theoretical training and during the on-site visit
  • Visa fees

Note that it is almost impossible to get funding for a single mission without theoretical training associated. This because the mission by itself, even if it develops the skills acquired during the theory, is not recognized as full training.

Avenues of financing are presented on the financing of education and training document.

Depending on your situation, this stay in a developing country can be considered a mission or an internship.

Anouk key Madagascar

The mission / internship causes no additional cost out of the directions above and your personal expenses (provided that you comply with the standard, recommended duration in the description of the training).

The mission may be extended up to 5 months (exceptionally 6 months), this at the expense of candidates, or for a fee of €150 per additional week (in Africa and Madagascar) passing by the Institute.

As soon as the administrative validation of your file (payment of the deposit and received CV), we put you in contact with the person responsible for training courses at Headquarters and Missions, Jean Graebling, which investigates and validates your choice with you. The choice of the mission or the completed internship, you are put in relation with the delegate (e) on the ground and/or the partner that welcomes you.

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