A training… Then a mission or an internship in the field!

Formation & Mission, pourquoi ?

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Les conditions de nos missions

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After the mission / humanitarian internship: Council & orientation

Accompaniment - to - employment

What accompaniment of the Institute to return from the mission / internship?

For all people to return from mission, an assessment is made during an Exchange by phone or skype as the case. In the context of the recovery of your mission / internship as for shared experiences with other candidates at the outset and others to return from mission, we offer…

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Maintenance consulting

For candidates undergoing and completing the course of project manager?

In addition to the accompaniment to return, it is proposed candidates to the training project manager to review their CV. The additional 2 or 3 partners contacts to those encountered during their mission they are offered. Sometimes candidates are directly recruited by the partner.

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Groupe d'échange au retour de mission

Where are they now?

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