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humanitarian mission has Madagascar: Daniela, status of women in Madagascar

humanitarian mission has Madagascar: Daniela, status of women in Madagascar

Daniela, Italian based in Switzerland, is a party 15 days humanitarian mission to Madagascar, during his discovery of the Humanitarian Action training: "as part of a career transition and after completing a review of skills I decided to direct me towards international solidarity.» After searching online, I found the courses provided by the I.C.I. These seemed the most interesting and complete, compared to other courses in the same area, because they also give the opportunity to do an internship in the field.

During the theoretical training I learned the birth, development and transformations in time of humanitarian modern actors in this field and especially the problems and obstacles that may be encountered during the field work.

The field mission showed me the difficulties but also the extraordinary and efficient work of small associations that operate with very limited means. This observation gave me more hope that it is possible to improve the living conditions of many people, and strengthened my trust in human beings in general.

Humanitarian mission has Madagascar: know the different actors who work in social development

During the course I became aware of some causes of poverty and difficult living conditions in which more and more disadvantaged people must live. It was a very different impact than to see social inequalities as a tourist or spectator of television documentaries.

With my home structure, the Federation of women and Development Associations (F.A.FE. D), I had the opportunity to learn more about the day-to-day work of coordinator within an association. I have also learned more about corruption in Madagascar, or even how is handled custody of children in cases of divorce, as well as the work that was done in the fight against the exploitation of children for commercial purposes. I also visited the NGO, and met families who had sponsored children.

My goals were to know different actors working in social development in Madagascar by observing their activities and the effectiveness of their actions as well as understand if the field in humanitarian work was done for me.

I thus clearly seen and known some of the work that NGOs are on the ground in Tamatave, the city where my internship took place.

It confirmed that international solidarity was the career path I want to follow while the field mission was something that I could consider in the short term but not in the long term. »