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Evelyne, 2 weeks in Indonesian mangrove disposal

Evelyne, 2 weeks in Indonesian mangrove disposal

"Party in Indonesia in training"Discovery of Humanitarian Action", through the here with the local NGO YAGASU relations, I shared 2 weeks the daily lives of the Medan team located in the province of North Sumatra. My humanitarian mission to Indonesia, short duration, has been mainly centered around the discovery of the shares of the Yagasu NGO, which focuses on 3 main areas:

  • The reforestation of mangrove associated with uptake of carbon,
  • the search for new productions around the replanted mangrove
  • and commercial exploitation of these productions and community development with introduction of micro-credits. The goal is to provide a means of subsistence sufficient local with the mangrove populations so that they protect.

After the theoretical training indispensable to understand the issues and players in the humanitarian development in particular relations donors and NGOs, I had the chance to discover the reality of these relationships on the ground also meeting with donors.

After a first week of discovery on the ground with people local fishing which was an intense moment of discovery of Indonesian culture, I could also share with them on the economic future of their community and provide some elements of reflection on possible developments.

An extremely positive which got much made as well personally and humanly at the professional level. "A big thank you to the team of Yagasu me hosted (and particularly Ikhsan my guardian angel) and Hervé for allowing me to carry out such a mission."

Evelyne R.