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Fanny, Condition of women in Burma, 5 weeks

Fanny, Condition of women in Burma, 5 weeks

"I am Party 5-week humanitarian mission in Burma, in the context of the Initiation training to project management of the I. C.I when I joined the NGO 'Girl Determined'. The association: Girl Determined relies on the NGO local Colorful Girls which was created in 2008 by a Burmese activist, Ma Thazin, with Brooke Zobriste, appointing American support in the field of the rights of man in Burma for several years.

NGOs specialized in the defence of the rights of women or children continued to gain visibility in the country in recent years. However, no association was until then entirely devoted to adolescent girls, who often suffer from a double handicap: because of their "women" first of all, their special status then – teenage are regarded first and foremost as children and are therefore not entitled to the floor. This is to allow girls to make their voices heard and to assert their rights Colorful Girls saw the light of day. The association now operates in the outskirts of the major cities of Yangon and Mandalay, as well as in the region of Sagaing. It is intended primarily to marginalized adolescent or grown from disadvantaged social backgrounds. The proposed activities mainly take the form of "discussion circles", organized once a week in schools and monasteries. These circles are open to freedom of expression, with the opportunity for adolescents to talk without trial, to listen and to be heard, to confront their points of view and experiences. »

My mission:

"My humanitarian mission in Burma and began with an observation phase. Teenage girls did not speak English, any more than I do the Burmese master. If this language barrier prevented me to communicate directly with the word, our exchanges have taken other forms (drawing, games). I am never occurred at the time of the actual "circles" because I had to respect the intimacy created by the group, but I was able to be requested on numerous occasions concerning my coming in the country or my "European woman" experience – and through a translator.


Specifically, I have been requested to prepare various media of communication, analysis, and synthesis papers to enable a better understanding of the challenges which are facing adolescent girls in the country. Three lines of thought in particular gradually emerged: violence against women, education, child labour and exploitation that often accompanies it. To do this, I was required to take part in a number of meetings, particularly in the context of GEN (Gender Equality Network) network which brings together local, international NGOs and representatives of the United Nations.

Grâce à sa mission humanitaire en Birmanie Fanny a découvert un pays totalement différent du sien.
Fanny en mission humanitaire au Cambodge trouve d'autres moyens que la parole pour communiquer avec les femmes Birmanes.

This past month to Yangon proved to be just enough to familiarize myself with the functioning of the association and its positioning within the local networks. A time of observation is necessary to achieve progressively discover the country, seeking to divest itself of its reflexes, habits and European frameworks. Burmese thought and culture are radically different from our Western models. Some behaviors that seem shocking to me are apprehended in any other way by the Burmese, while theravada Buddhism holds a hierarchical and patriarchal very hard which partly explains the indenting of women. So I opened wide my eyes and learned to observe that I have been able to propose "concrete"solutions – I to would not have been able in so little time. This commitment will perhaps come later, within a few months I hope. »