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Florence wrote a book with Malagasy children

Florence wrote a book with Malagasy children

The key work"Following my training introduction to project management of development at the premises of ICI, I went 4 weeks on a mission in Madagascar to Isorana in a (local French-speaking Trade Centre) key.  These are in fact libraries in rural areas offering many activities around the book learning and deepening of the French language.

Write a book with the Malagasy children

My mission was to work with students from 8-16 years on the elaboration of a book.

Levels of writing were really different from one class to another and it was necessary to deal with this problem.

It was really rewarding work. Students are shown attentive, curious and applied in each exercise I was proposing them. At the end of 4 weeks, we wrote a beautiful narrative: the story of a young Malagasy called bike (pronounced Biju) who dreams of becoming a singer…

Thanks to the support of the MAPEF (Madagascar support for the teaching and in French) based in Antananarivo, this album is being published and will soon be distributed in key 101 in Madagascar.

Now I have only one thing in mind: leave the field, discover other cultures, share and Exchange! »


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