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News of an ancient of the I.C.I : Vanessa Boissard mission

News of an ancient of the I.C.I : Vanessa Boissard mission

Humanitarian mission: and if you déstressait!

March 16, 2016 – humanitarian Mission in Madagascar of a month in Madagascar for Vanessa

Stress is at the heart of the missions of international solidarity. All the associative actors know and will face frequently. However few are talking about, and few have the resources to cope. Professional requirements and work in an intercultural context are all issues that can lead to problems of people during a mission management. The artisans of international solidarity can be affected by stress: responsible for structures, workers and volunteers.

Being in voluntary commitments to International support, the space volunteer Madagascar in partnership with the Institute of International Cooperation (here) hosted a training focused on "Stress in the mission" for both childcare and volunteers. HERE was founded by Hervé Dubois in 2011 with the support of the humanitarian and development experts. This institution focuses on the guidance and training of individuals and companies wishing to invest in the international solidarity.

This activity is spread out over several weeks and in several cities:

  • Antananarivo from February 22 to February 26
  • Antsirabe from February 29 to March 4
  • Prior to the partnership with the volunteering space, training was also held in Tamatave from 8 to 16 February and Morafeno from 17 to 19 February

An international partnership

Thus, in the light of the Malagasy associative richness and number of active volunteers on the big island, Institute for International Cooperation and France volunteers have decided to pool their resources to offer training on the risks associated with stress in mission; and, bound for shelters and volunteers.

Vanessa on a humanitarian Mission to Madagascar

Training in Madagascar by Vanessa, she even trained in the here

Hosted by Vanessa Boissard, social psychologist in Paris, training has been main aims to provide theoretical and practical to identify tools, understand and manage the risks of stress field. Training was mainly focused on a participatory approach since it is above all the involvement of participants and the story of their experiences which have furthered the different days. All having been framed by a psychological difficulties for the management of persons in mission, including different forms of exceeded stress (stress of base, cumulative stress Burnout, vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue) approach.


Spread over 5 days, the training first hosted representatives of structures for 3 days:

  • First day – visit in situ NGOs and share on the functioning of NGOs
  • Second day – stress management and support to change; Reflection and analysis of practices
  • Third day – federate a team, handling conflict and difficult personalities; Reflection and analysis of professional practices
Vanessa on a humanitarian Mission to Madagascar

Group of social workers in Madagacar animation

Then the volunteers for 2 days:

  • Day 4 – stress management & skills for the well-being at work; Reflection and analysis of professional practices
  • Fifth day – individual interviews
Vanessa on a humanitarian Mission to Madagascar

Vanessa with his group of social workers in Madagascar

Professional experienced and focused on listening to the participants, Vanessa Boissard helped participants to put words and bring meaning to complex situations they have experienced in the past; while giving them the necessary tools to prevent stress-related risks. The greatest benefit of this training is precisely that it armed the structures and actors of the associative so as to provide them with the necessary autonomy in the management of people in mission of international solidarity.

Vanessa, it is following his participation in a formation of Initiation to project management of the here she wished to leave based on the network of the institution to approach voluntary workers in difficulty. Familiar monitoring of expatriates to return to France, she knew that there were psychological problems among people, especially on the management of professional and personal problems.

After much soul-searching, she chose to propose an approach focused on the emotional commitment and support of voluntary workers, offering tools of difficult personalities and stress management in the workplace. To make the more powerful training, the psychologist wants to promote the emergence of the collective during the training by encouraging participants to share their experiences. This innovative working method allows to strengthen the exchanges between players in volunteering and to standardize the practices of home.

Vanessa on a humanitarian Mission to Madagascar

Ongoing mission for Vanessa!

Madagascar was the first testing ground for the training proposed by Vanessa Boissard. It is from this experience that the need in terms of both structures and accompaniment of the volunteers on the risks associated with the commitment is a reality. In addition, training was greatly appreciated by all participants, proof that this aspect of the commitment is not fairly treated and deserves a better bet in front.

Faced with the numbers of positive feedback we have received, our team will from now multiply this kind of initiative that responds to the needs of stakeholders in volunteerism while promoting the development of a collective spirit.

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