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Program OTELCO

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Programme OTELCO : Operateur Technico-Logistique de Coopération.

Programme of employability of young people through humanitarian Action


The aim of the project is to support social and vocational integration of young people from the local missions, by experience in the trades of international humanitarian action. It is a pre-skills training program that caters to a young audience (18-26 years) not just graduated or qualified.

The program, with a duration of 6 months, brings together 12 to 14 young people selected.


Global: To accompany young people in difficulty of employability to a skills training in one of the occupations identified, in France or abroad.

Specific: Use humanitarian Action as experience structuring ' IR' for the young "dropouts". Let them discover a profession (logistics, water management, access to energy, social) through carrier action of meaning can guide these young worms of training in these sectors on their return to France.

OTELCO program aims to train and guide these young people on the discovery of existing trades within solidarity and International Cooperation and then allow them to incorporate training into these trades in the market sector in France.
The program includes 4 highlights:

  • Recruitment for 1 month for all of the candidates selection
  • Theoretical training in France on 9 weeks, or 315 h
  • Internship at the international on 2 months, or 280 h
  • Referral to a training on 3 weeks, either 105 h

Plug synthesis OTELCO

Discover the testimonies of young people and the press on the Otelco programme items





Programme « jeunesse solidaire »

This program offers municipalities (or communes Department) of France to organize a mission of international solidarity in a developing country for young people 16 to 25 years of their communes.

These missions are designed to help local development projects in the field of education and social action.

This "useful journey" allows each participant to better understand the challenges of globalization and the interest of International Cooperation, to live a cultural rich 'in situ' meeting and in some cases to practice foreign languages.
These missions, lasting 2 to 4 weeks, take place in secure where countries I. C.I provides logistics and supervision.

Funding for the program may be provided in large part by the communities. Participation is sought for youth.

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