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Frequently asked questions

FAQ for courses in France


Are there grants to fund my training?

The International Cooperation Institute offers no assistance from funding for its formations. On the other hand, depending on your personal situation, we advise you to obtain, if possible, funding. See also the financing of education and training

The formations of the Institute for Cooperation are international eligible under the CPF (formerly DIF)?

The device has evolved and request an eligibility code it is very complex to achieve. Our courses are therefore financed through this that when companies so decide internally. It is thus necessary to meet the people in charge of training to explain your project. Our qualification OPQF, downloadable on the site, often helps get funding (more information on the website of the OPQF). In addition, we offer a certification internally. For longer training project management or project manager, the CIF may be requested by an OPACIF, see:

I am job seekers, training can be financed by Pôle Emploi or another organization?

Some formations of the Institute of International Cooperation can be financed under the AIF – individual training – Pôle Emploi Action programme. Talk to your adviser Pôle Emploi.


How to register for training at the Institute for International Cooperation?

You can register to the International Cooperation Institute training via:

  • the contact form
  • by phone:
  • by mail to: Institute of International Cooperation: 462, rue benjamin Delessert BP 83
    77552 Moissy Cramayel Cedex

The pre-quote and our training programs are downloadable on our website.

What is the next step after my registration via the Web or by mail?

You can download the chosen training program and the pre-quote and return them us signed or submit them to a financier.

As soon as the inscription validated by our services (prepayment or valid funding document), our manager training will contact you and you will receive a confirmation email as well as a convention of training (for businesses) or a contract training (for individuals).
Attestation of training and the attendance sheet.
After the end of a training session, proof of training and a timecard are addressed to the head of the registration.
The validation of prior learning.
An assessment of each module is carried out and allows you to get to the end of your journey, and depending on your result, a certificate of achievement with our certification. If you don't have the required level, recommendations are offered.


Can you confirm for me instead of my training?

The formation is visible on our site in the training part and you can download an access plan.

Your notice indicating the address of the training centre and the timetables is sent 1 to 2 weeks before the beginning of the session. You will receive by mail a complete record of practical information.

What are the hours of training?

Our courses start at 9:30 and ending between 5 p.m. and 5:30 pm. To welcome you, our Center is open from 9 pm. A breakfast of home is offered prior to the training.

The last day of training schedules are defined in agreement with the group to allow those who have to take the train or plane to be fully at the time.


FAQ for the missions and international internships


How do I register?

Each mission or internship is associated with theoretical training. You are registered therefore that your training is validated (found funding agreement). You are then put in touch with the Manager of the missions and internship in order to define with you and our partners the most suitable to your background mission.


Who can go on mission or international internship?

All persons who wish to engage in an action of solidarity and International Cooperation. The Institute recommends that each candidate to integrate previously a training course, either with the Institute or with another school. Do not hesitate to ask our advisors, by mail or telephone, what course undertake and how to finance it.

What are the dates of departure?

It is you who individually choose your date of departure. There's no pre-programmed departure date. Nevertheless appropriate to wait for the agreement of the Institute for the availability of the mission or the course.

What is the duration of the internships?

The duration of the mission or the course depends on your project and the definition of your journey. This ranges from the missions of discovery from 2 weeks to 5 months missions to become project manager. We are here for you Advisor.

Can I go with a friend, spouse or even small group?

Attention, the Institute offers and application of field placements. It is not the humanitarian missions or solidarity trips. However, in some cases, can go in pairs if the journey of two people agree.

What can I participate if I'm not french?

Yes, all francophone volunteers French, Swiss, Belgian, Luxembourg, Canadians and trainees of the francophone area of Africa may participate in training in France as well as our missions and international internships. Note that for non-residents french, it will be probably difficult to finance the training course and the mission or the internship by the vocational training fund.

Need training or a particular qualification for international internship?

For disposal missions, no particular qualification is requested, only a 2 days of discovery of the sector is proposed.
For the missions and application courses, a course of training (in short modules) is recommended.
For referred business missions, it depends on your journey. We offer interviews tips to validate your project and the most appropriate training course.

Should you know speak a language other than the french?

Yes, for our missions or internships in Asia, we have a good basis in English. The Institute offers courses on-site.


How much participation for missions or international internship?

Participation fees vary depending on the country of action, of the type and duration of the assignment or the course selected. You will find details of costs and support to download here.

Can I speak to someone who has already left with the Institute?

We can put you in touch with people who have followed our journey. They can talk to you about their experiences. Return of experience days are scheduled 2-3 times per year and you can check out our blog, among others, with testimonials.

You can also contact us by phone at + 33 to discuss your project in more detail.