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Jimmy and Gabriella give us their impressions after 1 month of land

Jimmy and Gabriella give us their impressions after 1 month of land

Jimmy: "the first month is not yet completed but is very good moments within organizations Earth of children of the Vaucluse, land of children du Gard and the french Lycée of Tamatave. Teachers and 2 associations guidelines give us their full confidence over the days, even if it is true that sometimes the pedagogy is difficult because for most children this is tHumanitarian internship with the children of two young studentsheir first year of schooling, and they are in big trouble, especially in french. Their inculcate notions of french is quite a challenge but it does not drop the arms and is given the maximum because we feel in them the desire to learn. «For example most of the children we serve rise at dawn and travel kilometers on foot to get in their respective learning centres (sometimes they arrive 10 see 20 minutes before their teacher!). ''


Gabriella: "yesterday we have closed our first month of humanitarian workshop with children. Everything is going very well, the roommate, the health, and even morally! I'm really happy with this internship that brings me many humanely.

We must prepare a staging for March 14 and a show for our departure it may be a little hard but everyone relies on us so if we will put all, there is no reason that you do not…

With Jimmy we have the chance to work with 2 classes (CM1 and CM2) of the french school which are in pairing with land of the children of the Vaucluse but also lead one of the football teams (8/10) on Saturday morning, Dorian also participates. This internship confirms my desire to work with children as this me blossomed much. »