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Laetitia part in Madagascar 2 weeks and finds a job consultant international

Laetitia part in Madagascar 2 weeks and finds a job consultant international

Looking for a rewarding job

A few years after getting my doctorate in educational sciences, I felt the need to make the point about my career aspirations. I wanted to travel, enrich me personally, meet new cultures, avoid routine, varied skills, and keep a certain freedom of action. Could what job match these characteristics?

I started by contacting professionals on LinkedIn to learn about the characteristics of their employment. Little by little, over the trade, I was able to put a name to my future profession: consultant international independent. I knew nothing to entrepreneurship, I never realized professional mission in a developing country and I had no financial contribution.

I started by training on entrepreneurship at the Chamber of commerce and industry. Then I asked for advice from other consultants, they have particularly helped me to put my CV to the standards of the profession.

To access the international position of consultant, I had to train me on the ground

Finally, I started to apply for missions, offers, and send spontaneous applications. Unfortunately, the answers were always the same: ' your CV is excellent, lack you experience in developing countries. It was a vicious circle: I had no experience in developing countries, so it was not recruiting me but if it was not recruiting me no chance to have an experience in these countries.

To break this circle, I started looking for a training in the field of development. I stumbled on the International Cooperation Institute and I realized my first mission in Madagascar. This perfectly matches my expectations training:

  1.  There was a substantial internship field;
  2.  The proposed missions were in connection with my resume, in my area of expertise;
  3. On the ground, I was accompanied on a daily basis by a person of the Institute.

A year after this training, I applied my first call for tender in Africa as a consultant international and I got it! The training offered by the here on the one hand, allowed me to break this vicious circle and secondly, to be directly operational on the ground in my first professional mission. In one year, I already realized missions in 5 countries of West Africa.

Laeticia in Madagascar

Laeticia in Madagascar


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