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Marion: a girl finds the voice after his encounter with the young woman

Marion: a girl finds the voice after his encounter with the young woman
Some news from the other end of the world, by Marion, OTELCO program which is accompanied by Dorian on a mission to children in Madagascar: “here, it’s hot! In the city is exceeded easily 30 degrees. Dorian and I put the sunburn. Dorian has already changed skin at least 3 times as a snake! Everything went incredibly well, the Malagasy people are welcoming.

They do not have much and yet they give everything…

In relation to my work, the day I am in the Bush in a school over 1000 students (school children of joy) and the evening I am hosted in a psycho-social centre which is actually an orphanage just in front. This centre consists of 29 children and 4 mothers of single families.

This month spent down there was striking for me: to see so many children welcome me with open arms, see 1000 students tell me every morning “Hello Marion”, to see how they are environmentally friendly and are feeling like learning me extremely surprised. Every morning I am working in a class of children with disabilities and the afternoons I teach a class of CP and this, classes of over 50 children each.

Yesterday, I learned that a little disabled girl that I deal in the morning, had started talking about a week after my arrival. Teachers thought it was dumb. Apparently my coming would have unlocked something in her and now she sings, speaks and mocks me!

Dorian joined me for several days and it also this adventure scored it… »