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Nathalie in Madagascar, recruited MSF humanitarian conversion

Nathalie in Madagascar, recruited MSF humanitarian conversion

Choice humanitarian, an urge that torments me for so long…

Nathalie in her office

Nathalie, humanitarian conversion for doctors without borders

Preparation and training to my humanitarian conversion project

In 2012, aged 38, I finally throws me and take my provisions to guide me "sustainably" in the field of international solidarity. I attend many conferences, chats with many professionals including Hervé Dubois I meet in February 2013.

The Institute of International Cooperation, which offers short training and an international mission long application in NGOs, corresponds exactly to my goals and we decide together that I will follow the humanitarian project leader training.

In June 2013, we are a dozen to ourselves for 15 intensive days that give me the keys to understanding of a humanitarian project and development management. Two teams, two actual cases; We unroll and together share the steps: the integration of our own differences at the request of funding through the design of the project… Stakeholders, all professionals of the sector, we are part of their own experiences and distils as much knowledge to know, is on a mission.

Our CV Show then disseminated within the network of the Institute, and in September 2013 I am retained by Action against hunger to Madagascar to work on the system of monitoring and early warning (SSAP) project in food and nutritional security. Very consistent with my consultant in business intelligence course, I'll be able to transfer and adapt my skills on a fascinating subject: food and nutrition.

Nathalie in Madagascar

Nathalie in Madagascar for MSF humanitarian conversion

My first experience

November 2013 to may 2014, I as well work in a very professional team. Under the responsibility of the head of the Department of Nutrition, it is for me to collaborate with national representatives of FAO, WFP and UNICEF to determine what indicators, what organization of collection and analysis, will help to improve and revive a SSAP covering all the Grand Sud of Madagascar. It is the most vulnerable area of the country: people there suffer, successively and systematically, cyclones and floods, droughts and locust invasions.

During these 6 months, based in capital city, I work with actors of humanitarian aid at the national level: representatives of the ministries, United Nations agencies, NGOs, national and local associations… I learn the ins and outs of the issues of food security and Nutrition and am trained in the integrated framework of food security (IPC) classification; It is a standardized scale used in more than 25 countries, which allows to indicate the nature and severity of food insecurity on a zone, and the consequences in terms of strategic intervention.

I also discovered the field modes of operation and activities of Action against hunger in terms of food security, water, Hygiene and sanitation and health mental & practices of care.

My decision is final!

This experience definitely validates my choice of career, and humanitarian conversion, and upon my return, I focused my research of emergency and post-emergency mission who have me always more attracted; the camps of refugees or internally displaced persons, inter alia.

It is a bit longer than what I had imagined then, always in contact with the Institute for International Cooperation, I participated in the days of debriefing continues to attend conferences, form me the evaluation of the quality of humanitarian action, to Do No Harm & sensitivity to conflict, lack of leaving Afghanistan with ACF, and then to the Iraqi Kurdistan with a small medical NGO.

Finally, it is in January 2015 I'm recruited by Médecins Sans Frontières for a post of administrator field. Me being committed at the same time with Médecins du Monde as a volunteer for February on their Migrants North Coast mission to Calais, I shifts the training session MSF in April.

April 20, 2015: the MSF training took place, yet a few last points of personal organization, medical checks… I am, we do more enthusiastic and ready for re – starting on the ground! I eagerly await the proposal of mission; It should happen in the coming days…