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Sophie part in mission youth in Mali from January to June 2016!

Sophie part in mission youth in Mali from January to June 2016!

Sophie Mali Bamako 2016 mission

Sophie at the APCMM in Bamako and Timbuktu – Mali Youth Mission

"I participated in the"Project leader"training with the HERE in 2015/2016." The latter has allowed me to go a powerful experience in Mali. Holder of a master's degree in "population and development sciences" in Brussels, I again wanted to try my luck in the development cooperation sector. Unfortunately he lacked skills, which is why I started this training.

So, from February to July 2016 I was in Bamako to work on the identification of a development project in the socio-professional training for young people in the North of Mali. Following the events of 2012, many projects are set up in this region.

In collaboration with a local institution working in the professional training and public authorities, the HERE wants to develop a project for young people of Mali. It is in this institution, "the Assembly permanent of rooms of trades of Mali" (APCMM) I had my office. My colleagues, all local, greeted me every day in a warm way.

Meet other professionals

As part of the project identification, I had to meet the different actors of the socio-professional insertion/training working in this area. That's why I had the opportunity to get on the ground to the North for a week (security force), in Timbuktu.

I also had the opportunity to give computer training to my colleagues. I learned about myself and my ability to be a teacher. All of this poses questioning about what you want to do, what we are capable of doing and what we had can never be thought…

In Bamako, I lived in a House with Valerie, a French, educational Director of a french high school. We have forged a bond strong. I met expat from different nationalities, Malian travelers, Malian who have never had the opportunity to get out of Mali, the African subregion…

All have in common this open-mindedness, this curiosity about the other and that smile! This trip changed my perception of things and myself but also gave me confidence for the rest of my career, hopefully, will still allow me to learn, develop skills and to live this kind of experience."

Sophie's mission: Bamako, Mali. 2016


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