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Who are we

The Institute of International Cooperation is a humanitarian association, specialized in the accompaniment and humanitarian training, created by a group of specialists of humanitarian aid and cooperation, represented by its Director Hervé DUBOIS.
It is designed to allow all those who wish, to engage in the sector of international solidarity.

The Institute of International Cooperation is a major humanitarian training and assistance on the ground.

It differs on 3 points:

Candidates are from the professional world. All have between 5 to 30 years of experience in merchant business, local communities or the associative world.

-Each profile is special and therefore enjoys a personalized support taking account of its humanitarian project and his own experience.

Little theory, a lot of practice. In the area of humanitarian action, all those responsible for human resources of NGOs will tell you: "what counts is experience. Indeed, at the Institute, we are practitioners, and we believe that the trades or the humanitarian function to learn the field. Also, close to 80% of learning within our modules takes place in Africa, Indian Ocean and Asia.

The International Cooperation Institute offers solutions in the form of advice, humanitarian training of short duration and of missions (or courses) available to all international.

The Institute is a humanitarian association which has a network of consultants and experts everywhere in the area of humanitarian action and international cooperation.

Hervé Dubois – Director & founder of the Institute for International Cooperation

    Hervé Dubois is the founding Director of the Institute for International Cooperation.

    He is also the founder of the solidarity leave in France and former associate member of Handicap International France (Co-Prix Nobel Peace Prize).

    He was also the co-founder, CEO and President of the NGO Planète Urgence, recognized of public utility (RUP).


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    The teaching team

    During your humanitarian training, you are accompanied by experience trainers who combine their ability to pass during their interventions and their experience of humanitarian action and cooperation.

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